Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Southern California Trip - First Day in San Diego

We are on our week long trip to Southern California.  After finishing our 2014 Tour de Cure--thanks to all those who supported us--we got an afternoon flight and arrived in San Diego after 11:00 West Coast time.  We stayed at a nearby La Quinta and got started around 9:00.  We walked about six blocks to Old Towne where we looked around a bit and then boarded the San Diego Trolley for a trip downtown to the Santa Fe station.

The trolley was new to me and proved a very pleasant and efficient way to getting down to the harbor.  The Santa Fe station is small since, of course, it was the end of the line.  it has been beautifully rehabilitated and serves now as a transportation hub.

We spent the day down at the harbor.  First we toured the USS Midway.  Bill probably enjoyed that more than Marilyn but we both had an interesting and physically challenging time.  Going from deck to deck on the original ladders gave us an appreciation of how fit sailors must have been and perhaps how slender they might have been.

There were many interesting places on the ship and there are plenty of photos in the album below.  Here is one from the highest point on the ship where the air boss ran everything dealing with the aircraft.

We had lunch at one of the harbor-side restaurants.  Although this is the time for the "June gloom," it was pleasant enough to enjoy eating outside.

After lunch we took a two hour harbor cruise that include both north and south parts of the harbor.  We saw a lot of Navy ships--there are over 50 homeported in San Diego.  And then we saw some of the commercial and recreational areas as well.  Best of all we got some wonderful views of the San Diego skyline from the water.  Unfortunately with clouds and no sun, they were not a spectacular as they could have been.

When we finished the harbor tour, we hopped back on the trolley and headed back to Old Towne where we did a little shopping and a lot of eating of delicious Mexican food.  We also enjoyed watching some energetic dancing on a stage in the outdoor restaurant area.  check it out below.

You can click here to view a photo album of that busy day.

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