Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wisconsin-Missouri in March/April - Day Two

The Fox River has probably looked like this for over 100 years
but this picture was taken March 28, 2014.
Meg and Bubbles on air with Guy Dark
The weather has begun to moderate and it was quite pleasant outdoors yesterday:  some sun, no snow, little wind and temps in the 30's.  After lunch and some Roller Derby errands, we drove to Oshkosh for some radio interviews promoting the opening of the Paper Valley roller girls season Saturday.  Meg--Deviled Meg--was joined by Bubbles De Smeare, a teammate--for promotional interviews with Steve Edwards (WVBO 103.9 The Valley's Best Oldies) and Guy Dark Larivee (96.9 The Fox Appleton's New Rock.)

We stopped by the Lawrence campus which is empty for all practical purposes.  This is a week between terms and the students were all gone.  Classes begin this Monday.  This important for Meg because it marks the conclusion of her term as director of freshman studies program, a responsibility she has held for three years and which became increasing onerous.  She is looking forward to just teaching physics and astronomy including the design and construction of an on-campus observatory.  Actually the photo at the top of this blog is taken from the
approximate possible location of the observatory.  We stopped in the statistic computer classroom where I took some interesting photos.  This one is my favorite.  If you cannot see why, take look at the one below.

We enjoyed a leisurely dinner at The Koreana Restaurant.  Meg had wanted to have a fish fry at a local and popular place but it had a 90 minute wait in a crowded and noisy bar.  One of her housemates--Justine--joined us for dinner.  It was nice getting to know her.

Eventually the house began to fill up as the night went on but I went to bed and slept well.

Check the Picasa album for more pictures.

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