Friday, March 28, 2014

Wisconsin-Missouri in March/April - Day One

Landing in Chicago
I am on the road again, this time to Wisconsin to visit my daughter Meg and then on to Kansas City to visit family there.  Instead of leaving at my usual early morning time, I took a very comfortable noon flight to Chicago and then was booked on a later afternoon flight to Appleton where I would arrive in time for dinner.  Well, I didn't get to Appleton until after 10:00 PM and that was the second time I had flown to Appleton from O'Hare that day.  An explanation is perhaps in order?

While the winter weather of snow and ice has pretty much come to an end, they have moved directly into heavy spring weather.  My first flight to Appleton, left right on time at 3:00 and arrived in---well, let's say at Appleton--on time at 4:00.  We got to 100 feet from the ground when the pilot decided to abort the landing.  Seems he couldn't quite see the runway clearly enough to attempt a landing.  After that little burst of adrenalin as the plane tilted nose up, the engines powered up and the gear retracted, we got above the clouds and he explained what had happened.  He also explained that we didn't have enough fuel to attempt another landing and make it to our secondary field (back to Chicago) if that landing had to be aborted.  So we just headed back to Chicago where I waited four hours for the next flight which thankfully proved to be uneventful.

Taking off from Chicago the second time.
Meg picked me up and we went back to her new house which is quite nice and large.  I met one of her housemates and will meet the other two on Friday.  All four of them are on the roller derby team and will be having their opening "bout" this Saturday evening.

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