Friday, April 25, 2014

Trip to Morgantown - Day One

I drove to to Morgantown for the opening weekend of Little League season.  It was a great day to drive with clear skies and relatively light traffic.  I stopped at the Welcome Center just into Pennsylvania where I saw what Spring likes here:  brown vineyards and ice on Lake Erie.  By the time I got to Morgantown, I saw trees in bloom including redbuds and green grass.  Spring is alive and well and coming to Upstate New York.

Brock successfully stealing second to spark a last inning rally
We went to Brock's opening game which saw his team stage a last inning rally that brought them within a run of tying a game which they lost 14-13.  Brock went one for three with a double and a run scored.  He played in the out field and make several good plays including astute backup of missed throws to third base.

Brendan captured a photo of a father putting a radar gun on his son who was pitching for the other team.  This sums up a lot of what is wrong with youth athletics:  over involvement of parents in what should be a kid's game!

You can see more photos in the continuously updated Picasa album by clicking this link.

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